Everything you need in one place

The Bluemark Cloud Portal serves as a convenient access point keeping you up to date on all the moving parts in your project pipeline. Fully integrated and packed with a customizable suite of business applications, Bluemark's portal provides a total solution to managing onboarding projects of any scale.


Bluemark's Project Management solution helps you to centralize and manage all your ideas from conception to completion. Unique features such as real-time activity into the different stages of a project or ability to sign-off on quotes are intuitively built-in.



Bluemark's Portal provides teams with a secure means to instantly access invoices. View a log of payment activities and order histories, allowing Accounting to ensure proper compliance around every project while also being able to export data for reporting and maintaining proper audit trails.



Bluemark's inventory feature goes the extra mile for every client. With a full view into the quantity, status, and track of each product, and deep insight into each SKU and product movement, Bluemark's inventory feature is able to both provide full visibility into your inventory status, and also creative predictive models to provide reorder suggestions that ensure inventory is properly managed and never runs out.

Tracking Portal


Bluemark's Tracking Portal is a proprietary tool to help visualize and interact with all of your shipping data. With API connectivity to all major carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc.), as well as the ability to drop in desired data, Bluemark empowers our clients to become more prescriptive in their approach towards efficiency.

Tailored Solutions

Our talented team of in-house software engineers can customize your Bluemark Portal to bring your business, technical, and service visions to life . Do you run an ondemand workforce? Use the Bluemark Portal to ensure your contingent workers are well engaged to best represent your company.



Give us your biggest challenge with connecting vendors, suppliers, and collaboration systems and let us find the solution. The Bluemark Portal can streamline your operations with seamless tech integration from a variety of application partners.



Bluemark augments onboarding initiatives for customers/drivers directly through e-commerce shops built and maintained by Bluemark. Each E-commerce store is integrated to the Bluemark Onboarding portal system and provides an efficient landing spot for onboarding resources to be available.

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