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Design and Manufacturing

Bluemark works with your team to design and manufacture branded products created just for you.

From Concept to Reality

Whether you’re looking for a luxe experience or a simple branded kit, Bluemark will work with your team to bring your most creative ideas to life.

Personalize Anything

If you’re interested in personalizing your kits beyond the items inside, our design team can focus on branding your corrugated box, adding personalized tape, customizing stickers, or adding logos to any product you like.

We Do It Right the First Time

Your satisfaction is first on our list. You will always receive a mockup of your items before anything goes into production.

Warehousing and Logistics

Bluemark provides the warehouse, manages your inventory, prepares your kits, and completes last mile delivery.

Global Warehouse Locations

Our global locations reduce time, distance, and human intervention to ensure that your products are delivered on time to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Inventory Management

Bluemark keeps track of all your serialized inventory with our internal warehousing network. Our clients also have unlimited access to our global warehouses with cloud-based portal visibility, which gives you complete control over your products.

Last Mile Delivery

When your products are ready for shipment, we label them and move them to the shipping station for one of our many courier companies to deliver on time.

Kitting and Assembly

Once your products are received at our warehouse, they will move down our assembly line and be packaged with care in your branded box.

Benefits of Offloading Your Logistics to Bluemark

Reduce Unnecessary Costs
Spend less on your operational workload and more on growing your core business. Bluemark has the warehouse, equipment, and workforce.

Increase Efficiency
Allow our team of specialists to take care of your logistics quickly and efficiently instead of having your team struggle with the challenges of supply chain management.

Tracking and Transparency
You’ll be able to track all your deliveries and projects on one client platform – giving you full control over your inventory.

Client Portal and Analytics

Everything you need, all in one place.

Real-Time Project Management

Your client portal gives you access to a custom dashboard that tracks your project workflow and houses all your data points.

Secure Access to Invoices

Secure access to invoices, payment activity, and order history makes it easy for your accounting department to export data.

Inventory Management

Your products are labeled with a custom SKU that makes them easier to manage and track them through your client dashboard.

Tracking Dashboard

Your tracking dashboard gives your complete visibility into all of your shipment and delivery progress.

Technology Integration

Bluemark seamlessly integrates into your technology stack to listen for triggers and execute fulfillment for all your branded products.

Shopify Store Insights

Your dashboard gives you complete visibility into your Shopify store, including inventory and sales data.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

When applicants reach a certain phase in their onboarding process, Bluemark will automatically send them a welcome and onboarding kit.

CRM Systems

Bluemark can trigger branded kits based on events in your CRM system, including closed opportunities, custom events, activity, points of inactivity and deflection, and more.

Ecommerce Platforms

Bluemark will set up and manage your Shopify store so your customers, merchanants, or employees can order branded products and feel engaged with your business.  

Form Fill Platforms

Any time someone fills out a form, Bluemark automatically sends the user a branded kit to their doorstep.

Custom API Integrations

Take advantage of the Bluemark API to build your custom integration.

Device Management

Offload all of your complex and complicated device management issues to Bluemark.


We’ve partnered with companies that are leaders in their industry to provide you with the highest quality products for the best possible price.


Our mobile device management software integrates into any provisioning service.

Kitting and Assembly

Our team carefully handles and assembles your devices into each branded kit. We ensure that everything is properly packaged and secure for shipment.

Device Tracking

Each device is given a serial number that allows us to track its location in real-time.

Return and Triage

Our team will inspect your devices and provide any necessary repairs. We will also collect and return your devices to reduce costs.


Bluemark works with several delivery companies to offer you rapid, on-time delivery of your branded products at the best possible price.

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