A Unique In-Person Branding Experience

Whether you need your products professionally delivered and installed by our brand couriers or have a unique in-person branding campaign that you’d like to take to a city or community – the Brand Courier Experience can be hand crafted for your individual branding needs.

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Silver Package

  • Data Cleansed & Shared Frequency 1 Day a week (Tues or Thurs)
  • Program Manager 1:1 Meetings Project Based
  • Slack Support Channel Within 48 hours (Mon - Fri)
  • Data Points Up to 4 custom Data Points

Gold Package

  • Data Cleansed & Shared Frequency 3 Days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri)
  • Program Manager 1:1 Meetings Bi-weekly
  • Slack Support Channel Same day, 5 days a week (Mon - Fri)
  • Data Points Up to 7 custom Data Points

Platinum Package

  • Data Cleansed & Shared Frequency 5 Days a week (Mon - Fri)
  • Program Manager 1:1 Meetings Weekly
  • Slack Support Channel Same day, 7 days a week
  • Data Points Up to 10 custom Data points to collect

Project Handbook

Every package also includes a project handbook that outlines the services to be provided by Bluemark, how data will be collected, a project task flow, and how successes and failures will be measured.

Client Dashboard

You will also get access to your own client dashboard, which provides data for the task itself and other engagement data requests.

Slack Channel

Each package also includes slack channel support to reset passwords, cancel orders, and other needs to increase success metrics.

Courier Delivery & Installation

Our brand couriers can deliver and install all your products: Pickup signs, Tent cards, Window stickers, Aisle clings, Promo card boxes, and Technical devices.

Our couriers are located throughout most metropolitan areas in the United States. You can send them wherever your customers are located: Retailers, Restaurants, Parks, Homes, Offices, and Community centers.

Brand Couriers for Guerrilla Marketing

If your company is ready to be adventurous and take the step to in-person branding. This is the time to let your creative side run wild.

  • Organize a pop-up event
  • Place eye-catching products throughout cities
  • Have individuals dress up for marketing stunts
  • Place branded products in unconventional areas
  • Conduct interviews and surveys of the public
  • Have representatives hold provocative signs

Our brand couriers can deliver, arrange, set up, and even be a part of these conversation-starting marketing efforts.

Custom Data Points

You can request a variety of custom data points on your project. For example, you can get more information about project completion, location, customer engagement statistics, and any secondary factors that may be affecting your location success.

Our brand couriers will ensure you will have access to all the information that you need to complete your project and achieve your goals in real time.

The Driver App

Our driver app allows our brand couriers to track their status and upload photographs on delivery in real time while visiting your merchants to set up branded materials and devices. This gives you complete visibility into your project and leaves no room for error or confusion.

Enhance These Areas in the Customer Journey With the Brand Courier Experience

Welcome and Onboarding

Our brand couriers will set up branded materials and devices onsite to streamline onboarding and allow merchants to bring in revenue almost immediately.



Our brand couriers will visit your merchants onsite to assess why they are dormant and fix any issues keeping them from being active, including device updates and more.

Marketing and Branding

Our brand couriers  will set up all of your branded materials correctly and in the right location to ensure maximum brand awareness.

Success Stories

Customer Onboarding for a Fortune 500 Company

A Fortune 500 gig economy enterprise was experiencing a significant delay in courier and merchant onboarding - causing major profit loss. Bluemark created automated kits that allowed this company’s users to begin fulfilling orders immediately after signing up and start bringing in revenue.
Advantages of the Brand Courier Experience

Shorter Time-to-Activation PeriodGreater Reactivation SuccessMaximum Revenue

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