Accelerating Customer Engagement for a Fortune 500 Leader in the Gig Economy

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Each customer interaction is important.

The Challenge

A Fortune 500 gig economy enterprise was experiencing a significant delay in courier and merchant onboarding – causing a major loss of revenue for the company.

They approached Bluemark for an onboarding solution that would create incentive for all parties to begin fulfilling orders almost immediately after signing up.

“Bluemark’s flexibility, level of service, and breadth of capability are unparalleled in this industry. Working together, we have been able to discover and execute greater and greater experience solutions for all of our couriers and customers.”

Courier Experience Lead

The Solution

Bluemark created incentive for our client’s customers through trigger-based kits that would be delivered after each individual signed up for their platform. We built courier activation kits that include basic materials and instructions that help couriers get started and begin fulfilling orders almost immediately. Bluemark also prepared merchant activation kits that include instructions on how to get started, any necessary devices, and branded materials for their stores.

We also integrated their fragmented kitting process.

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Brand Courier

This Fortune 500 company also took advantage of Bluemark’s one-of-a-kind Brand Courier Experience. We dispatched brand couriers to personally set up branded materials (such as signs or stickers) and necessary technology (such as tablets) at each customer location while tracking their progress in real time on our driver app.

Integrated Technology

The success of these projects gave us the opportunity to set up and run this company’s ecommerce Shopify pages that sell branded and non-branded items to their couriers. In recent years, our most notable seller has been a custom holiday kit for couriers consisting of warm gloves and sturdy ice scrapers to support couriers working during the winter season.

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Additional Projects

Bluemark also worked side-by-side with this company to support a time-sensitive campaign called “Tonight, I’ll Be Eating…,” that coincided with the Olympics, featuring orders from beloved athletes. Along with designing and creating branded napkins and window clings, we harnessed our warehousing and logistics teams powers to distribute these products for a timely launch. These branded products have since been featured with NFL players during football season, chart-topping musicians, and other notable celebrities.

The Results

Bluemark transformed this company’s activation rate to 90% and reduced time-to-activation from 11 days to three (with the fastest activation being 78 minutes).

By leveraging Bluemark’s end-to-end logistics services, this client’s team gained more time to achieve business goals, focus on their company’s mission, and bring in additional revenue.


Activation Rate for Couriers


Reduced Time-to-Activation From 11 Days to 3


Record of Fastest Activation

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