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The Challenge

This e-commerce company approached Bluemark when they needed a partner to help create and fulfill large-scale onboarding kits for their shoppers.

The Solution

Bluemark began by seamlessly integrating into Fountain, the client’s applicant tracking system (ATS). Bluemark’s partnership with Fountain allowed us to integrate without requiring an application programming interface (API). When applicants in ATS reach the Bluemark stage, a trigger automatically sends these applicants a custom onboarding package in the mail.

Bluemark then created welcome kits for the shoppers of this platform, which include a black shirt and a bifold with a credit card to help them get started.

Loyalty and Milestone Program

After the success of the welcome and onboarding kits, our client had Bluemark create and fulfill a loyalty and milestone program for their shoppers.

Once our client identified their milestones, we created the perfect kit for each event and executed trigger-based fulfillment.

We created five tiers of milestones, including their 1k Club, 2.5k Club, 5k Club, 7.5k Club, and 10k Club. Whenever a shopper reaches any of these milestones, they automatically receive a custom branded kit filled with products.

Customer Retention Program

In October 2021, Bluemark began retention experiences for our client. Our first retention campaign was created to retain shoppers during the holidays when users are more likely to become dormant. While our client ran email campaigns, Bluemark distributed lanyards with activation codes informing shoppers of a limited-time offer that would earn them a monetary incentive if they completed seven orders between October 2021 and November 2021. Bluemark’s kits outperformed the e-commerce company’s email campaigns by 11%.

Our second customer retention strategy for our client was fulfilled December 2021 on 28,202 shoppers across eight metros to incentivize individuals to shop during the holiday season.

Integrated Technology

Bluemark also created two Shopify stores. One store fulfills orders for welcome kits. The second store allows shoppers to purchase branded items to assist them with their deliveries.

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The Results

This e-commerce delivery company continues to partner with Bluemark for full-service fulfillment of all their branded products. They look to us for assistance on additional efforts, including their inventory management and fraud prevention efforts.


Welcome Packages Delivered Each Year


Milestone Kits Delivered Since 2020


Shoppers Retained During a High-Turnover Holiday Period

Scalable Customer Engagement

Bluemark takes care of the manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and last mile delivery for all your customer engagement kits.

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