Acquisition and Activation

Acquire your target audience and activate your new customers by sending them a branded product directly to their doorstep.

Welcome and Onboarding

Kick off brand loyalty right from the beginning with custom welcome and onboarding kits that are fulfilled on time and at scale.

Loyalty, Milestones, and Retention

Nurture the relationship with your customers by sending them a personalized kit to thank them for their loyalty and celebrate their milestones.


Reactivate dormant customers with trigger-based kits that will engage your customers at the right time to recreate brand loyalty.

Bluemark’s integrated solution reduces your operational workload during key engagement areas of your customer journey.

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The Step-by-Step Experience

Bluemark effortlessly manages your branded products over the entire course of the customer journey.

Determine Who Needs Engagement

Once you establish who qualifies for a branded kit, we will target your audience.

Design and Manufacturing

Our team will source the materials for all your branded products.

Warehouse and Logistics

We’ll provide the warehouse, manage the product supply, and automatically complete fulfillment.

Client Platform and Analytics

You will have one convenient dashboard to track your supply and view analytics.

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Success Stories

Customer Retention and Activation for a Fortune 500 Company

A Fortune 500 gig economy enterprise was experiencing a significant delay in courier and merchant onboarding - causing major profit loss. Bluemark created automated kits that allowed this company’s users to begin fulfilling orders immediately after signing up and start bringing in revenue.
Bluemark for Operations

Unchain Your Supply Chain

Bluemark’s trigger-based fulfillment solutions drive results and remove the headache of logistics from your operations teams.

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Bluemark for Marketing Teams

Break Through the Digital Noise

Bluemark’s integrated logistics solution allows marketers to focus on retaining customers and building brand loyalty while we handle all parts of fulfillment.

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The Brand Courier Experience

Hassle-free onboarding and activation that brings in revenue immediately.

Our brand couriers will set up all branded materials and troubleshoot any devices onsite – all while tracking their progress in real time.

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The Wow Factor

Scroll through and take a look at some of the amazing kits created by our clients and get some inspiration for your own personalized brand experience.

Get the Results You Need Without the Pain of Logistics

Leverage Bluemark’s operational and logistical powers to drive customer engagement at scale and speed.

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